Confidence. Confident Woman

Confidence is all about being about to trust yourself.  A lack of confidence can have a devastating effect on the way that we live our lives.  Some people don’t engage fully with all the opportunities that life offers – they are often afraid, they give up or don’t even try.

How confident we are can be at odds with our level of skill.  Research has shown that even motivated and highly adept individuals can fail to perform if they don’t have the self-belief needed to complete a task.

Confidence is psychological and is informed by our past experiences over a lengthy period of time. By learning new habits it is possible to increase our confidence. It takes hard work, commitment and a desire to change. As with everything in life that you want to change, you have to take action and start somewhere.

These articles will help you work through some of the issues you face.  We’ll look at the basics – what it means to be confident, how you can build your confidence and strategies to boost these feelings.  We’ll take a look at how to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty and ways we can inspire ourselves.  We’ll also look at the thorny issues of imposter syndrome and worry.

You are not alone.  Lots of us lack confidence and feel afraid and nervous on the inside.  Working through these articles you can take control.  With hard work, it is possible to change.